Mini feed hypocrisy or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the micro-blog


I've written before about how I've never gotten on with Twitter and its ilk. While I still feel much the same, there have been a number of occasions lately where I've thought it would be handy to post a quick link - perhaps to an interesting article or something I'm working on. It would hardly be worth writing a proper blog post for something so brief, and begrudgingly I have to confess that Twitter and its friends are perfectly suited to such a task. I've therefore started trialling a 'micro-blog' of my own so I can post links, etc, without cluttering up the main blog. These micro-updates can now be seen on the home page, and I've also set them up to auto-post to Twitter (like the big fat hypocrite that I am).

(I won't be polluting the site's main RSS feed with these updates, but if you're desperate to subscribe you can do so via Tumblr)