Latest freelance project: T&RS Engineering


Life's been pretty manic lately, a hectic workload at the day-job, a new mini-human demanding perpetual nourishment and shelter, and 3 other hungry humans requiring clothing and feeding on practically a daily basis. What better time to take on some after-hours freelance work!?

The work in question was a brand new website for rail maintenance specialists T&RS Engineering. Phase 1 was a pretty standard brochureware site, but phase 2 will add data capture and reporting features.

The site is built using my old enemy PHP, for the simple and lazy reason that the client already had an existing hosting contract based on the LAMP stack. I did consider talking them into migrating to a .NET solution, but I figured it's good to take a swim in a different technology pool once in a while. Even if that pool looks very old fashioned compared to where I normally swim, and the water has a stinky odour and unpleasant after taste.

Still, a good workman shouldn't blame their tools n' all that, and I'm sure there's an equivalent saying about swimmers not blaming their murky pools. Probably. Besides, it's all curly brackets and semi-colons, right? What could possibly go wrong...!?