Out with the old...


Well it's certainly taken a while, but I finally got around to updating this website.

To the casual observer it probably looks very similar to how it was before. Hell, even the most eagle-eyed observer would struggle to spot the difference. So what exactly has changed?

The site is much more mobile friendly and responsive. This is actually a howling understatement, the previous site was positively hostile to mobile browsers, as Google's testing tools were so fond of reminding me...

The site is a lot less "timely". I previously had recent blog posts on the home page, plus a mini-feed of regular updates, neither of which I kept up to date. The site looked perpetually stale and outdated. I'd like to write a bit more in future, but I don't want the site design to punish me during those times I neglect it.

The site is less "fun". I've deleted an awful lot of old content, particularly the more frivolous and silly items (i.e. most of the site).

I struggled with this final item, because "stupid fun stuff" was pretty much this site's raison d'etre when it was first created. Projects such as the Salary Timer and Hobo Boxing took pride of place, but they don't really represent who I am anymore. Times change, I've changed, and it was about time this site changed too.

So old projects like the Salary Timer have been laid to rest, and in future I plan to talk more about the projects I work on during the day job. Which makes sense, almost every project I work on these days tends to be day-job-related. Life is busy, work is busy, and it's been a long time since I've coded anything purely for fun.

So there we go. I've updated the site so it looks almost exactly the same as before, but with much less content, and absolutely no sense of fun. Enjoy ;-)