Autumn 2019 round-up


A round-up of tweets, links and other gubbins from the past few months (click here to read the previous instalment).

What I've been working on

Nothing major stands out in this period - lots of small support projects for established clients including Nokia, MDL, and Grosvenor Group. Plus a couple of core releases of Sitesuma, Another Read and Webtility.

What I've been reading

Ghostwritten, by David Mitchell
Sibley's Birding Basics, by David Allen Sibley
I Am Legend, by Richard Matheson

What I've been tweeting

So we finally ran out of IP addresses...

Bruce Gilden’s Gritty Vision of a Lost New York (The New Yorker)

Good grief - drawing by Diana Adrianne, inspired by Flemish baroque oil portraits. Hand-coded entirely in HTML & CSS!

Photogrammetric wizardry from oddviz:

Not quite a "Rat Thing" from Stephenson's Snow Crash, but a step in the right (?) direction... Something for the Christmas stocking list, anyway!

I've written one or two screen-scraping apps in my time, so found this rather interesting - Microsoft's LinkedIn loses appeal over access to user profiles (Reuters):

After university, my dream job would have been in computer graphics, but I'm not sure my maths-fu was ever strong enough for that path. I still get giddy and excited by developments in the field - the "GauGAN" tech from NVIDIA Research looks amazing:

Reading so many articles on digital minimalism lately, much of which resonates, but much of which feels extreme and impractical. I think John Zeratsky is doing a good job of treading the same ground, but with a more balanced (and less anti-tech) approach:

I sort of like the lighthearted approach that Evernote have adopted for their release notes, for new features at least. But I wonder if it comes across as flippant when they relate to bug-fixes for issues that might have been really annoying for their users (see example below).

Microsoft have launched .NET Core 3.0 and C#8:
The full .NET Framework is still supported, but you have to imagine that its days are numbered...