Site update – advertising


I've always had something of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to advertising on websites. I appreciate that lots of sites offering free content have to rely on advertising to survive, but when a website is run purely as a hobby it seems tacky to me to see great swathes of the page daubed and obscured with vulgar banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, and those horrible multimedia adds that "slide out" and obscure half the page. In the same way that a domain looks tacky compared to

However, websites don't come for free. Well, actually, if you don't mind a tacky URL like the one above, and restrictions on storage and bandwidth that'll have your site offline more than on, then yes, sometimes they do. If you want a more respectable web presence though you'll need to fork out for a domain, and annual hosting. To run the MrCeri site costs me around £45 a year. I've been paying that for 3 years now, and this year I thought to myself, "I don't mind giving the world all of this wonderful content for free, but surely I shouldn't have to pay for the privilege?"

No MrCeri, you should not.

I tried offering a sponsorship scheme, but received not one inquiry :(
So I swallowed my pride, and this month started displaying advertising on the site. I have gone for the Google AdSense scheme, since it's so straight forward to set up, and seems to serve up genuinely well targeted content-driven adverts. I'm not expecting to become a millionaire, I just hope to earn enough to cover my hosting fees.

Who knows, if this makes me enough money maybe I'll get back on my high-horse and take the adverts off again ;o)