Site update


I thought I would add the facility to allow comments to be added to my "What's New" posts, and to other areas of the site where appropriate. There were a few reasons for this:

  • The existing guest book was fine for general messages, but it occurred to me that visitors would find it nice to be able to add a quick comment on the page they were already on, instead of having to browse to the Guest Book page.

  • Everything on my site is "hand-rolled", i.e. it's all written from scratch by yours truly. There's no configuration file with a "switch on user comments = true" section :). I thought it would be fun to write a general comment control, and have it re-usable across the whole site (yes, I have a very sad idea of fun).

  • I love getting feedback from visitors to the site, and users of my software. I'm hoping the comment facility might encourage more people to leave messages.