Money, money, money


Last month I finally made some real money as a direct result of this website - I was contacted by a company to write a customised version of the Salary Timer, that they wanted to make available for download to their customers. They wanted a couple of fairly trivial changes, such as adding their logo to the main screen, and a link to their website from the "About" box. They also wanted to rename the "Poo Timer" to something a little less controversial - chickens ;o)

I won't say exactly how much they paid, but it certainly covered all the hosting costs for this site since it went live in 2002, with plenty of change left over to keep things rolling for many years to come. Of course it doesn't come close to reimbursing me for the countless hours I've spent writing software such as the Salary Timer in the first place, or the hours I put in updating and maintaining this website, but then I never intended making any money from this "MrCeri" lark, it was only ever supposed to be a bit of fun. Still, it's nice to finally get a little payback for my efforts, even if it's only to cover my costs.

I should point out that I'm happy to repeat the exercise, so if anyone out there is interested in their own customised version of any of my work, please let me know!