Hosting update


A visitor to the site got in touch with me recently to ask how things are going with the hosting, since I moved from SupaNames to LiquidSix back in February.

Well I'm pleased to report that everything's going very well with the new hosting. I have two sites hosted with LiquidSix, and I experience next to no problems each month, despite receiving a fair amount of traffic. I get the occasional database connection error, perhaps one a month, but that's acceptable. As you can read in my rant elsewhere, while at SupaNames I was experiencing a huge number of database connection errors each month, and a shocking amount of site downtime too.

I have had to contact LiquidSix support on a couple of occasions, and I can honestly say I've experienced nothing but excellent service. Responses have always been prompt, polite, and more importantly, well informed. I put some of this down to the fact that LiquidSix are a comparatively small host, and are therefore able to give a little more resource to individual customer queries. That doesn't excuse the big boys however - just because a company is large, it's no reason for poor customer service. I guess as a company gets bigger and more successful it sometimes gets greedy, and customer support is an easy place to cut corners (and costs).

Anyway, I digress. Short answer - LiquidSix have been a great host these past 9 months, and they've certainly got my business secured for the foreseeable future.