AGFC website


Last year I joined a football club in Cardiff (that's a soccer club for any visitors from across the pond). I'm useless at football, but I know one end of an HTML tag from another, so I figured the best way to contribute to the club would be to build them a decent website :o)

Girder Man

And so is born the new and improved It's the shortest time I've ever taken to build a site from scratch, and I'm pretty pleased with it. All the content is database driven, allowing for quick and easy updating, essential when a site is maintained in your spare time.

So have a look, and let me know what you think. And if you happen to play for a club in Cardiff / South Wales, get in touch if you want to organise a game! (we don't play in a league, but we tend to play friendlies against other South Wales teams most Friday evenings between September and May/June).