MrCeri Sponsorship


A while back I began offering the opportunity to sponsor the MrCeri site, to help cover hosting and development costs. Since making the offer I've had zero takers. I think this is partly because I placed an exact monitory value on sponsorship (with monthly and annual deals), which was simply too high.

So this month I have changed the deal - from now on I'm inviting sponsors to "make me an offer". This might be:

  • money

  • vouchers for an online store (e.g. Amazon)

  • credit at the sponsor's store (assuming they run an ecommerce store)

  • complementary licenses of the sponsor's software product (assuming they sell software)

  • reciprocal advertising on the sponsor's site

  • etc.

And instead of offering monthly and annual deals, from now on the length of the sponsorship will depend upon the value of what is being offered.

This offer is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you have a huge online business, or just run a small personal blog, I'll consider all offers (though I reserve the right not to accept them!)