Spring Cleaning


Painted RobotSince I gave this website a major spring clean late last year, I’ve noticed that it’s started to look very much like a blog.


This website is not a blog! It has occasional blog-like tendencies, but its primary concern is software, all the digital goodness that can be found in the projects section. That’s the reason the site was created in the first place, and it’s the main reason people still visit (oh yes, other people visit, it’s not just you).

So this month I’ve been tinkering again – not a full-force-factor-7 spring clean like last time – just a gentle dusting around the edges with damp cloth. The home page now gives equal importance to both my written ramblings and my software creations. I’ve even given myself a bit of space to mention the various bits n’ pieces I come across on my internet travels, but aren’t worthy of a full blown ramble.

And balance is restored to the Universe...