Model City Zen


I have a day job, and in that job I’m in charge of the development of a fairly large CMS application. Lately our clients have been asking us to add more "bloggy" features to the CMS, so I thought I’d invest a little time finding out exactly how it feels to run a blog. I’ve used all sorts of blogging software before, from a purely evaluative point of view, but I’ve never tried maintaining a blog myself (I don’t consider this website to be a blog by the way, though on reflection it does smell a bit bloggy).

So in the interests of research I’ve started a new blog. They say you should write about what you know, or at least what you are passionate about – so my blog will be about: "scale architectural models of world cities, real and imagined". Snappy, I know! It’s not something I’m experienced or qualified to speak about, but it is something I’m passionate about, in a geeky and faddish sort of way. Mostly I’ll just be posting links and pretty pictures :)

I’ll be using ubiquitous open-source blogging software Wordpress for this endeavour, which should hopefully teach me something about how those in the "blogosphere" live (God I hate that word). Head over to my Model-City-Zen blog to read more...