Under Stephen King’s Dome


We recently built a website to promote the new Stephen King novel, "Under the Dome". The promotion includes a competition which aims to be the "biggest game of literary hide and seek ever played". The whole novel (which hasn't been published yet) has been split into thousands of snippets, with participants playing either as a hider or a finder – there's a prize for finding the most snippets, and a prize for the most imaginative hiding of a snippet.

I'm not convinced of the appeal of this competition, but I'm a software developer, not a marketing whizkid, so what do I know? Besides, the prizes include a night in a swanky London hotel, so must be worth a shot.

I'm not allowed to enter myself, for obvious reasons, but here's a snippet to get you started:
his hands behind his head. 'Your boss called,' he said. 'That guy Cox. Mr Rennie calls him Colonel Do-What-I-Want.' 'I'll bet he does,' Barbie said. 'Mr Rennie gave him the big **** you. And you know what? Your Army pal had to eat it and smile. What do you think of that?' 'I'm not surprised.' Barbie kept looking

Go visit the www.stephenking.co.uk website to find out what to do...