Software Update – Salary Timer


I've updated the Salary Timer with the new 2010-11 tax brackets, including the new 50% threshold (assuming any of you are lucky enough to be earning over £150,000). You can download the latest version from the Salary Timer project page. If you've never heard of the Salary Timer, well what are you waiting for, download yourself a copy right away!

I've also updated the Tax Calculator and Raise Calculator, both of which you can use on this very website (no download required).

Last time I updated the Salary Timer I promised myself I would re-write it using a shiny new technology in an easy to maintain fashion (updating the existing project and adding new features is a bit of a pain). As usual the months crept up on me, and almost a year later the Salary Timer was still languishing in its old form. Shame/pride finally kicked in, and I'm pleased to say I'm close to finishing the migration of the Salary Timer from C++/Win32 to C#/.NET.

Why am I boring you with this? Only because I've had to disable the Tax Brackets window in the new version of the Salary Timer (it was far too much of a pain to update in the old project). But never fear, it will reappear in the shiny new Salary Timer which I hope to finish soon.